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The Conde Nast Publishing Building is a modern skyscraper in Times Square in Midtown Manhattan. Located on Broadway between 42nd and 43rd streets, this building was completed in January 2000 as part of a larger 42nd street improvement project. The Condé Nast Building in New York City is a sight to behold, and you can now get a live look at it through a webcam. Located at 4 Times Square, this skyscraper stands at 48 stories tall and houses the headquarters of the publishing giant Condé Nast. The building was completed in 1999 and is a modern architectural masterpiece. The live webcam provides an excellent view of the Condé Nast Building and its surrounding area. You can see the bustling streets of Midtown Manhattan, with cars and people moving about their day. The view also includes some of the iconic landmarks of New York City, such as the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building. All This You Can See Through The Webcam Condé Nast Building - New York. Live Stream From the Online Camera Condé Nast Building will allow you to see live what is happening in New York. Observe the sights while traveling online.

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